The year 2007 marked the birth of a Community where bar examinees, students of law and everyone can share and discuss matters relating to the bar exams. It is called the Bar Exam Forum. The Forum is naturally centered on helping law students hurdle one of the most, if not the most, difficult examinations around. The community believes that sharing is good karma. We are further pursuing this advocacy here.

The Community has grown to cover all topics under the legal sun. This blog is intended to be a summary of the useful discussions in the Forum and a venue for a more focused presentation of various subject matters. This blog will also contain the announcements of new projects that would still be consistent with the purpose of the Community.

The Community has exponentially grown on its own. There is strength in numbers, although the same attribute also brings new challenges in maintaining a general harmony amidst diverse opinions of intelligent individuals. We express our appreciation to those who are actively helping the Community grow to be relevant. Kudos to the team of moderators and all members who believe in strengthening the Community.

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